Case Study: Mercure / Jupiter Hotels

Jupiter Hotels Testimonial

Jupiter Hotels has been a client of Mineral Creative since 2013.

The company is a multibrand operator of hotels in the UK, with 27 hotels owned, under management and operated under license as Mercure Hotels , and 2 Holiday Inn hotels.

Our work for Jupiter includes its staff newsletter, the design and management of its guest survey programme and most recently the design and build of individual hotel websites for all 27 of its Mercure Hotels.

Jupiter Hotels Mercure Websites, Mercure Newbury Elcot Park Hotel homepage mocked up on ipad
Jupiter Hotels Mercure Websites, Mercure Leicester The Grand Hotel homepage screenshot
Jupiter Hotels Mercure Websites, Mercure Leicester and Mercure Inverness homepage mocked up on ipad & iphone

27 Individual Hotel Websites

Jupiter wanted to update all 27 of its Mercure branded hotel websites, to significantly improve the ease of managing them and to boost their effectiveness in driving business.

The challenge for Mineral was the diversity of properties across the portfolio, the variance in quality of the available imagery, the restrictions imposed by Mercure’s brand guidelines and the sheer scale of the project.

Each hotel has different facilities, some are country hotels, some are in the heart of a city, some have health clubs and some are popular wedding venues. Mineral needed to design sites which would showcase all these different elements in the best possible light whilst retaining each hotel’s individuality. Importantly it had to be easy for the marketing team to keep the sites up to date with fresh news and content.

Initial planning and research included analysis of the existing sites, an assessment of how much content needed to be transferred or created new, and a full SEO analysis to understand keywords, drivers of traffic and visitor patterns.

A number of meetings and phone calls with the client team helped us to understand who the key stakeholders would be and what they saw as the requirements and objectives of the project.

The intensive design process started with initial sitemaps and wireframes, closely consulting with Jupiter at every stage, to agree the structure of the sites. Next came refined designs of each page giving the look and feel, and agreeing the tone of voice for the copy. Once agreed the build of the Master Site began, with rigorous testing at every stage to refine navigation and functionality. This ran in parallel with copywriting, image optimisation, SEO analysis and local research for every hotel. Once the Master Site was signed off, work began on building the remaining 26 sites, loading content and optimising the sites for search.

The sites were built using a multisite installation of Wordpress, providing Jupiter with superior control over all aspects of every site and allowing them to update content simultaneously across all sites, whilst keeping the individual hotel domains which are so important for search engine rankings.

Feedback from General Managers and the marketing team to date has been exceptional. Visitor numbers and organic traffic have risen, time spent on the sites has increased and the number of brochure downloads is showing significant improvement.

Jupiter Hotels now has 27 hotel websites that look great, work seamlessly, are easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to update.

Jupiter News - Staff Newsletter

Jupiter Hotels wanted to improve its internal communications with staff. The staff intranet was widely used but was considered too business focused and functional.

Mineral Creative suggested a staff newsletter to be distributed with the monthly payroll. We have produced the newsletter bimonthly since 2013, handling all research, interviews, copywriting, design and printing.

Jupiter News has been a great success because it offers staff an opportunity to hear from senior management in an easily digestible format on a regular basis. They get updates on strategic direction, seasonal goals and objectives, new initiatives and business updates.

Jupiter’s 2,000+ staff enjoy the newsletter because it provides a platform for individual and collective successes to be celebrated, new staff initiatives to be aired, competitions, funny stories and staff profiles. It gives all staff an opportunity to shine and receive praise in a public forum.

Jupiter Newsletter Cover

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important element in every marketing plan, and especially in the fast-moving, price sensitive and seasonal hotel trade.

We helped Jupiter Hotels to integrate its email marketing into the new websites, using its chosen platform Dotmailer to exchange information with the Wordpress CMS and optimise opportunity across both platforms.

We also designed, wrote and built email newsletter templates for Jupiter to send to its database with all the latest news and special offers.

Jupiter Hotels Guest Survey

Mineral Creative helped Jupiter to devise and design its guest survey programme and provides monthly support and analysis of the data.

After a discovery phase in which we identified the core objectives it was decided that an online survey administered by the General Managers in each hotel would produce the best results.

Mineral wrote, designed and built the survey and implemented it on tablet devices which were sent to each of the hotel managers. The survey covers a wide range of topics from customer satisfaction to value and comfort.

Alongside the valuable data gathered every time a guest is surveyed, the anecdotal evidence gathered by the GMs as they talk to guests has proven invaluable in better understanding their guests and making improvements where necessary.